sitting comfortably?

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In the last few years, several 1. have claimed that in certain ways, sitting is the smoking of our 2.. This is partly due to many jobs being converted into sitting behind a screen, which means people are sitting for much longer today than they did before.

But the 3. is, sitting isn't bad. It's sitting for long periods of time without 4.: that's the killer. In fact, staying in pretty much any position for too long is 5..




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Many of the studies about the negative effects of sitting point toward regular physical 6. as the problem. When we don't move, our risk of cardiovascular disease increases and our blood circulation drops along with the production of enzymes in our bodies that burn fat. A standing desk may be one 7. to the sitting problem. Standing is not 8. better than sitting if you do it for a prolonged period of time. Sure you may burn a few more calories but standing for long stretches can lead to things like varicose veins and pressure on the knees.

So it's not whether we sit or stand. It's about what we do when we sit or stand.

And although intense exercise can be good for your health, the baseline activity required to live a long healthy life doesn't have to be much. Dan Buettner from the National Geographic
notes, you don't have to run marathons or be a professional athlete to add quality years to your life.

Buettner and his team have been studying areas called Blue Zones, where people are leading the 9., healthy lives on the planet. The funny thing is, most of the people in these communities don't exercise in the way that we think of exercise Buettner says. They eat a plant-based diet and have a support network of people they can lean on throughout life, but they don't go to the gym. They don't hop on a treadmill. Instead, they perform regular, low 10. physical activity because of the way their lives are structured.

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