flying by the seat of your pants

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A British company has come up with 1. plane seats you can book to suit your shape and size. It means larger passengers need not worry about squeezing into 2., tight spaces, moving to business class or paying double – they just book an expanded seat to fit them.



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And families can enjoy more comfortable flights without taking up more overall space - mothers and fathers can add a few notches to their seats while smaller 3. can have theirs reduced.

The Morph, as the seat has been called, also allows for the possibility of slimmer travellers paying less for occupying smaller spaces. Details of passengers sizes and needs will be fed into a computer and airline staff then adjust the varied seating 4. at a touch of a button before take-off. While 5. seats are created individual foam padding, the new design is based around a single piece of fabric stretched across the back of a frame for three seats.

Another piece of fabric is placed along the bottom, creating a hammock-style chair. The frame allows the passenger to alter the recline, as well as the height and 6. of the seat pan, according to their size and comfort. 7., the "formers" , which act as arm rests, can also be moved left or right, making the seats bigger or smaller. Economy class airline seats are, on average, around 18in wide.

The seats are 8. to be fitted into existing aircraft, so it could be more than a decade before the Morph design is introduced.