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Singapore has been ranked as having the highest-achieving schools. The (0) globe rankings, are based on the Pisa tests taken by 15-year-olds in more than 70 countries. Singapore has replaced Shanghai - there had been debate over whether Shanghai was (1) represent of school standards across China.
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OECD education (2) direct Andreas Schleicher chief said that Asian countries such as Singapore managed to achieve excellence without wide differences between children from wealthy and disadvantaged families. But the UK has failed to make any (3) substance improvement - despite education ministers in England making the Pisa rankings an important measurement of progress.
Mr Schleicher highlighted concerns about the impact of a (4) short in teachers - saying that an education system could never exceed the quality of its teachers. So why is Singapore so (5) success at education? Singapore only became an independent country in 1965. From being among the world's poorest, with a mix of ethnicities, religions and languages, it has overtaken the (6)wealth countries in Europe, North America and Asia to become the number one in education.
All teachers are trained at the National Institute of Education, and Prof Sing Kong Lee, vice-president of Nanyang Technology University, said this  single route (7) sure quality control and that all new teachers could "confidence go through to the classroom".
This had to be a (8) consist, long-term approach, sustained over decades, said Prof Lee.
Education was an "eco-system", he said, and "you can't change one part in isolation".
bbc12/12/16 By Sean Coughlan